Material Ethics Policy

H&M Group is committed to ensuring that sourcing of the raw materials used in our products is done in a responsible and sustainable way and that social and environmental impacts are taken into consideration during the entire sourcing process.

Raw material production and sourcing must be in line with both local laws as well as international standards and must not lead to degradation or destruction of ecosystems and biodiversity. Securing our supply of raw materials from an ethical perspective is an extremely important part of H&M Group’s business model. We are committed to ensure that the natural raw materials used in our products are produced in a way that contribute to sustainable development, respect human rights, preserve natural resources, and helps maintain biodiversity. No vulnerable or endangered species must be used.

A few highlighs from the Material Ethics policy: 

? Suppliers of natural raw material comply with all applicable environmental, health & safety, labour and social laws and regulations (including applicable land tenure and use rights).

? We do not allow any wood or other forest-derived materials, including man-made cellulosic fiber, to originate from ancient and endangered forests, or forests operations damaging high conservation values.

? No endangered and vulnerable species* used in the production of our products.

? By the end of 2020, all cotton used for H&M Group will come from more sustainable sources**.

? By the end of 2025, 100% of all wood used in our products, including man-made cellulosic materials, will be sourced from well-managed and FSC certified forests.

* As defined by CITES - Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species - and the IUCN red list of Critically Endangered, Endangered or Vulnerable listed species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) red list.
** Currently, this means certified organic cotton, recycled cotton, or from Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) sources.

For full list of material specific requirements for silk, shell, pearls, wood, man-made cellulosic fiber, bio-based materials from food crops, cotton and natural stone, see our Animal Welfare and Material Ethics policy, found further down the page.


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